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Hush Baby No Rush - Baby Massage Course June 2019

Dates : 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June, 5th July 10am-11am

Hello. My name is Kasia Kropidlowska. I’m a mother of two beautiful minds. I have massaged them since their first months. It helped me during my first postnatal period to bond with my daughter instead of focussing on what were negative emotions around my care at the time. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of baby massage and it never stops surprising me how powerful this art is. While working in private healthcare, I saw how emotional and significant pregnancy, birth and parenthood are. I decided to change my career and learn new skills so I could provide support in this vulnerable time. It’s a huge privilege to be part of a life changing event such as a birth and to nurture women postnatally. I have been working as a volunteer doula and as breastfeeding peer support for some time. Certification with ‘International Association of Infant Massage’ just made sense and I was trained by Sylvie Hétu. It is an honour to have Vimala McClure as a mentor. She is the mother of infant/baby massage and set up the gold standards in training and expertise since the 70’s. IAIM is the only organisation dedicated solely to Infant Massage and it's spread over 70 countries. It feels like I’m part of huge family that shares experience and knowledge but at the heart of it are parents/carers and their babies. It’s all about you!

The IAIM adheres to uncompromised ways of working that promote infant safety and wellbeing above all else. Many of the infant massage strokes used and taught by the IAIM are unique to the Association, and are constantly monitored and modified in accordance with health professionals’ guidelines. What’s more, all qualified IAIM instructors are given on-going professional development to ensure their techniques are always the most relevant and of the highest standards.

Classes are offered to all babies from birth to 12 months.

Over 5 sessions we will do some relaxation, discussions around baby related subjects like sleeping, crying and colic, and of course massage. You may learn some tricks that will assist you in every day life challenges when everything goes a bit gaga.

Sessions are baby led and I will make necessary adjustments on the spot, when needed, so everybody can relax and connect with their babies wrapped up in soothing and non-judgmental blanket.

I will provide the dolls for you to practise when your baby is sleeping or when you come with your partner or older child.

All baby products are organic and you will be provided with the choice of oils to suit your baby/babies most.

During our graduation session you will be provided with lovely gift bag containing IAIM booklet, certificate and some extra goodies.



Block of 5 hourly sessions - £65.00

Please contact for Early Bird Offer.


For bookings contact me on:


Instagram & Twitter:@hushbabynorush