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A Journey Through the Elements: The Core Energies Available to Us.

A Journey Through the Elements: The Core Energies Available to Us.

Join me to understand the balance of your energies and how to direct them creatively.

Learning the amount of fire, earth, water & air there is in one's own astrological chart can be hugely revealing as it shows the core energies available to us.

Fire as desire, action, will-power / ARIES, LEO & SAGITTARIUS

Earth as self-discipline, reality, making a living / TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN

Air as thoughts, ideas, relationships / GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS

Water as feelings, imagination, empathy / CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES

By knowing which elements are dominant or lacking in our charts it can give us a strong insight into what needs to be cultivated, developed and released to reach creative balance. Which element is predominant and do we value the most, which one is a far away land and we leave it aside, which one blocks, overwhelms or limits us?

In this workshop we’ll explore the links between the elements and the ways in which we express, act, think, feel but – most importantly – the ways we search, get inspired, create work and live life.

Please email the following birth details to after you have purchased your ticket: Day, Month, Year / City, Country / Exact time (from birth certificate).

Looking forward to meeting you!

When: Monday 15th of October / 7-9pm / £35

Where: Holdspace, Wynford Hall, Risinghill Street, N1 9SY

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