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Sound Bath & Theta-healing for spiritual development - on love

Join us for a series of Mind Opening Workshops with Theta Healing and Crystal Singing Bowls. 

This series of workshops is focused on Spiritual Development looking to unleash your spiritual power to its fullest potential. Allow yourself to bring spirituality and the Universe into your daily life for positive changes in your career, quality of life, love and relationships.

Every session there’ll be further discovery and exploration of these themes. 

Maria (Fortunata Yoga) and Dora (Instantly by Dora) enjoy sharing their personal stories and how they use the flow of the Universe to make active, positive life changes. They make it into a friendly experience that can be as active or as passive as you like, for they invite attendees to also share their stories and thoughts or to simply feel the energy. Expect to leave the events with tips on how to bring magic into your life - and once you are in a good stage already, how to intensify and multiply it.

“Healing Sounds in Theta” events will always offer:
Guided meditation, when you are invited to let go of the day that has passed and to be grounded into the present moment. 
A moment for story sharing from Dora, Maria and everyone who wish to jump in, as well as guidance for privately setting our personal intentions for the workshop, when you will be clearly shaping our intention & request to the Universe.

Both Sound Bath and ThetaHealing will be given as you lie down and make yourself comfortable on the mat.

Dora will guide you on a meditational journey taking you far up in the cosmos, to enter the Theta brainwave frequency, and perform ThetaHealing commands and energy work – all with your consent - so that you can release all that no longer serves you and welcome the new and magical into your life.

Maria will stimulate you with the healing sounds of her Crystal Singing Bowls to open your heart and enjoy the musical journey as the sound vibration helps to release any emotional blocks, intensified by beautifully arranged crystal settings and dim lighting.

Leave the session with a little token, a crystal to take home, to remind you of the steps you have taken at this workshop. 

What is Thetha healing?
Theta Healing is a meditative technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a theta brainwave state - an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode and open for change. As you meditate, with your consent, gentle words will be spoken to the room, words that your unconscious and subconscious mind will retain when they are in accordance to your values and truth. They reach deep into your heart helping you to heal, little by little letting go of old patterns and habits. 

You don’t need special clothing, just be aware that you will be lying down for the session.
Bring an eye mask and your personal crystals if you’d like, and a personal bottle of water – to keep yourself hydrated, but also to infuse your water with the set intentions, by the vibration of the sound bath.

Experience includes:

- Guided Theta Healing 
- A Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath 
- A space to relax 
- An opportunity to meet like-minded people and share your experiences 
- A gift to take home 
- Tips and tricks on how to use the Universe flow, the law of attraction and manifestations to bring magic spirituality into your life.

This event requires a minimum of 5 participants. If it doesn't meet this quorum it will be canceled and you will receive a full refund - or be able to exchange for another workshop if you prefer.

In case you have to cancel before it starts, you can have:
* A full refund if required 10 working days before the starting date,
* 50% refund if required between 9 and 5 working days prior to starting date, or an exchange for another upcoming event.
Unfortunately, after that, I will be unable to give you a refund but will do our best to accommodate you in an alternative group within the same calendar month, if available.

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