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The Houses: The Astrological Landscape of Life

The Houses: The Astrological Landscape of Life

Alongside the planets and the zodiac signs, the houses form part of astrology’s fundamental building blocks. The core meanings of the houses allow us to explore different areas of life experience, enabling us to learn where our energies are best expressed.

The houses direct us to where we will meet the ‘what’ (planets) and ‘how’ (signs) of our basic energies. The house that provides the home of each planet in our chart helps us to understand where in life we can best utilise the relevant energies, where indeed we will inevitably encounter their expression. Just as the Sun’s house shows where we can shine – where to focus our goals, assert our individuality and so move towards our true becoming, the Moon’s house points to where we need to feel secure and be emotionally involved.

In this workshop we will look at the structure of the houses - its hemispheres: north, south, east, west and its quadrants: the division of the chart in four and I will explain each house in depth.

Taken as a whole, we can view the circle of houses as a journey from incarnation to dissolution. At the ascendant, we have the ‘point of contact with self’ that symbolises the start of our life, our birth and appearance in this world. The wheel of the houses then describes the various processes that follow - such as establishing security, investigating our immediate environment, appreciating a sense of rootedness, expressing our originality, refining our skills, developing our ability to relate, deepening our connections, expanding our horizons, establishing our place in the wider world, sharing our vision and finally merging with something greater.

Note: Basic knowledge of your chart is required. If you came to any of my workshops or had your chart read by me please come. This will be a revealing experience as you’ll understand an intangible aspect of your chart, one that will make you grow in acceptance and self love.

Please email the following birth details to after you have purchased your ticket: Day, Month, Year / City, Country / Exact time (from birth certificate).

Looking forward to meeting you!
When: Monday 29th of October / 7-9pm / £35

Where: Holdspace, Wynford Hall, Risinghill Street, N1 9SY

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