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Head & Hands x &Breathe - Show Up For Self Care

Just for today, escape your to-do list, drop your social obligations and responsibilities. Just for today, allow yourself a Sunday entirely for you. It’s an act of self-care just by showing up.

Sure, you know what self-care is, and you’ve promised to make more time for it, but lately, you seem to spend more time in your head than anywhere else.

Some days while you’re so busy over-thinking, you neglect what you need the most, locking into all the distractions. But when quiet time becomes an invitation to anxiety, you don’t dare make time at all.

You’ve been told to try mindfulness, but sitting still in a crossed legged position trying to empty the contents of your brain just isn’t doing it. Sure mindfulness is an antidote to unhelpful thoughts, but let’s just own it - mindfulness is hard.

You long to step away from past-dwelling worries and future-focused fears, and coax yourself back into the present moment, to enjoy the now, root back to your body and reconnect to your sense of self. But you haven’t found your way in, and maybe after some failed attempts, you feel reluctant to try.

It’s okay - we’ve got you.

For Clare it was movement and writing, and for Amanda is was slow crafting. So what’s your gateway to self-care?

Together we will spend a day venturing through different gateways, to find the ones that speak to you most clearly, the ones that give you a sense of spaciousness, grounding, a greater connection to yourself and clearer understanding of your needs.

Throughout the day you’ll dip your toes into journaling, embodied yoga, intention setting through self-reflection and guidance cards, tassel making and meditation.

Wedged in the middle of the day will be a lunch prepared and served for you to share with the group. At the end, we’ll gather over a cup of tea to seal the day and share any final thoughts.

Join Amanda from Head and Hands and Clare from &Breathe Yoga for a day of mindfulness and self-care, but not as you know it.

You can expect:

  • Inspiration on how to reflect on and decipher your personal needs and current state of being

  • An introduction to writing for self-care

  • An embodied yoga class to get into your body through mindful movement

  • A delicious vegan lunch prepared and served for you to share with the group

  • A card pulling and intention setting session

  • A tassel making workshop

  • An accessible meditation practice

You’ll leave with:

  • Tools and inspiration for finding mindfulness in the face of hectic city living

  • A self-care intention bespoke to you

  • Three handmade tassels embedded with your intention to take home, display and treasure

  • A greater sense of calm and even-mindedness

Please remember:

  • To wear comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in

  • To bring along a notepad and pen

  • To bring along extra layer such as a jumper or cardigan in case you get chilly even with a blanket

  • (Optional) To bring along some snacks you might like to share at lunch

The ticket price includes a full day retreat inclusive of lunch.

After a decade being dragged along by her chronic illness and significant burn out at work, Amanda came to the realisation that nobody else was going to make time for her self-care. After discovering the healing remedy of slow crafts and self-care rituals, she started Head & Hands in summer 2016. Head & Hands is a curated store and diverse workshop programme founded on the art of slowing down.

Clare writes, teaches yoga and heads up Gather & Grow; a community for yoga teachers. It was grief and anxiety that nudged her towards yoga which led her to writing and mindfulness. For Clare these practice have helped her get to know herself, to understand what she needs and wants, how to rest, and how to act in a conscious way. They have shown her the joy of living with awareness and without rush. To Clare, a conscious and creative life full of opportunities to stop and smell the roses is a successful one.

Amanda and Clare have teamed up for this gentle day retreat, sharing their own personal journeys and offering alternative gateways to self-care.

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