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Power of Emotions Workshop

Join us for an inspiring workshop- “Power of Emotions”. Our feelings are a magical gateway to our intuition and they give us clear messages about what we truly need and want. All of our feelings are valuable and by connecting with and listening to them, we can access their innate wisdom and healing power.

However, we have been conditioned to suppress our feelings and many of us find feelings like anger, sadness, shame and anxiety challenging to be with. We tend to use different coping strategies to escape our feelings such as food, shopping, social media or alcohol. When we get triggered in our relationships, it can be difficult not to react.

Feeling the whole range of our emotions is very healthy and empowering.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
- Be present and connect with your feelings in an embodied way
- Listen to the messages your feelings want to give you
- Use tools and exercises to assist you with moving through and releasing your emotions
- Create the feelings you want to have

You will also have the opportunity to experience how colour, music and dance can empower us to connect with our feelings and shift our emotional state. We will create a very safe, respectful space and will guide you through a freestyle dance session which will inspire you to let go and connect with your beautiful, radiant self. You will feel energised, uplifted and free!

You will leave this workshop feeling empowered, inspired and alive!

The first 5 women to register will get the super earlybird rate! Click on the link below to get your ticket and for more information.

About Workshop Facilitators:

Phillippa Lennon is a Transformational Coach and workshop facilitator who has a special interest in relationships and empowering women to express their authentic truth and gifts. Phillippa runs her own private coaching practice and she is the head coach for an elite matchmaking company, "Grandeur & Love", where she coaches individuals on how to attract and sustain fulfilling relationships.

Victoria von Stein is a talented jewellery designer, workshop facilitator and speaker. She is the founder, designer and maker behind Victoria von Stein jewellery. Her aim is to inspire women to feel confident in their authentic, feminine self-expression through handcrafted fine jewellery with a soul by combining original beautiful designs, colourful gemstones and quality craftsmanship.

What women said about Phillippa and Victoria's last workshop:

“It was life changing. I feel completely different from when I arrived. I learned so much about myself and the dancing was amazing. I can’t believe I haven’t come to a workshop like this sooner. It was amazing to connect with other women so openly and I feel like I’ve made new friends.”

“Transformative! The space was beautiful, all the women were lovely and I felt really comfortable to share honestly. The facilitators were fantastic and really complemented each other. I released a lot of emotional stuff that I didn’t even realise I was carrying. I left feeling very connected to myself and others, happy and inspired. I’ll definitely come to the next event."

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