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Dora Prado - Astro healing of Venus

  • Holdspace Risinghill Street London, England, N1 9QB United Kingdom (map)

Astrology is a window to understanding personalities and human relations through the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies.

At “Astro Healing of Venus” workshop we will use both Astrology and ThetaHealing to heal our feminine energies.

Ana Leo will teach us how to use our astral chart to understand what influences our own personal desire, that is represented by the planet Venus, and she’ll guide us on how the upcoming eclipses can give us the power to rethink, and make new plans, so we can get the best out of this powerful astral moment.

We will also look into our masculine energies, in order to better understand what is attractive to us, what gives us balance and what brings us our shadows – learning how to avoid them.

Dora de Almeida Prado is no stranger to the power that thought patterns, beliefs and inherited behaviors hold over us – usually without us being conscious of it – and prevents us from fully developing our inner self.

By means of her work with ThetaHealing, she`ll help us identify those personal patterns, find what she calls “personal truth”, then guide us in a meditation to achieve theta brainwaves frequency so that we can heal them and swap them into healthier patterns, ones which are truly ours.

Some cases of unwanted behaviors and unbalanced personality traits that produces suffering, Dora may suggest the use of Bach Flower Remedies, with their gradual and lasting shifts.


We will kick off the workshop with a brief relaxation based on Yin Yoga, to calm our senses and ground ourselves into the present moment.

Ana Leo will then tell us about the sky movements of the weeks to come, how we will be affected by the eclipses and will teach us how to recognize our true desires, helping on designing a transforming plan of action having in mind our own facets of Venus – the archetype of the feminine.

We’ll learn about the energies on our chart regarding relationships, self-esteem and the positive shifts which are prone to happen.

Using tools from both astrology & coaching – areas of Ana Leo’s expertise – and techniques from Dora’s work with Bach Flower Remedies & ThetaHealing, each participant will be able to find their own emotional blocks, fears, guilt or shame that has been preventing them to achieve personal development and growth related to the theme of the workshop – finding new ways of thinking, of doing and seeing things.

Following that, Dora de Almeida Prado will guide the group through the Seven Planes of Existence meditation to induce a theta state and will make the commands and affirmations that will neutralize and revert those emotional blocks common to the group, empowering you to install your new programs of beliefs.

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