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Wolf Sister & Amy Lavinia White - Less Is More: Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing

It’s time to catch your breath.

Escape the hustle of summer in the city for a few hours, leave your to-do list and responsibilities at the door and relax.

Self care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

We know that you’re the kind of person who puts everyone else first.

We see you and we’re here for you.

Let us hold space for you to just be and see where the journey takes you.

Soak up the benefits of doing sweet FA.

Because doing less equals more.

You’ll thank yourself after and wonder why you don’t make this a regular thing.


You arrive at Holdspace; as soon as you see the room for the ceremony you start to unwind. It has a big window that looks out onto a private courtyard and the sunlight is streaming into the room. The scent of incense fills the air and you make a note to use them at home more often because they have a special way of soothing the soul.

You’re greeted by Wolf Sister and Amy, who welcome you with a hug and you’re invited to choose which mat you want to rest on for the ceremony. Your eyes feast over the altar and Amy’s stunning crystal singing bowls; you reach for your bag and find your talisman to add to the altar, placing it amongst the other sacred offerings that have been laid out.

The circle comes together and as you look around, you see that you’re surrounded by kind faces with generous smiles. All here for the same thing: ultimate relaxation. You’re so ready for this.

Wolf Sister and Amy introduce themselves, it’s super informal and everyone’s invited to introduce themselves too. You think to yourself how awesome everyone seems, it’s uplifting to be hanging out like this with some like minded people.

As the ceremony begins, Wolf Sister explains the benefits of working with Ceremonial Cacao and you’re seeing chocolate in an entirely new light already. She talks about how its affects can be heart opening, nourishing, healing and grounding. It’s about so much more than just drinking hot chocolate and you’re curious to see where this plant medicine is going to take you.

The ceremonial cacao is poured into cups and everyone sips slowly, mindfully connecting with the healing energy of this drink; it tastes bitter than regular chocolate but that’s OK.

You lay down and close your eyes. Wolf Sister guides you through a gentle meditation and Amy’s playing the crystal singing bowls. You notice your breathing slowing down and it’s as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You were slightly dubious about the effects of the cacao until….now. Drifting into a state of relaxation that you didn’t know was even possible. The harmonies of the crystal singing bowls take you into an even deeper state of bliss. You don’t want this to end.

After the ceremony, everyone slowly sits up and takes some time to reflect on their experience. The level of calm is palpable. Your mind is blown that you could feel like this from drinking ceremonial cacao and a sound bath.

You remember the cute cafes that you walked past on the way to the venue and hope that they’re still open, you want to take the slowest route home possible so that you can hold on to this feeling for as long as possible.

Please note: It isn’t advisable to work with ceremonial doses of cacao if you’re taking antidepressants or if you have high-blood pressure. Get in touch if you have any questions:

**We are delighted to announce that £5 from every ticket sale for this event will be donated to the charity, Together Rising. Together Rising is a non-profit organisation that transforms heartache into action. Whether it is pulling children out of the sea outside the refugee camps in Greece, or providing a single mother access to breast cancer treatment, Together Rising identifies what is breaking the hearts of their givers as they look around the world and their communities, and then they connect their givers’ generosity with the people and organisations who are effectively addressing that critical need. You can find more information about the amazing work they do here **

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