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Women's Superpowers: Embody Freedom and Authenticity

Join us for an inspiring and transformative day of experiential workshops, interactive talks and creative activities for women by women. This event will empower you to manifest your vision and connect with your unique gifts, feminine energy and power as a woman. We will be sharing our personal experiences as well as tools, techniques and exercises to help you to move past blocks, express your authentic voice and achieve greater balance, integration and wholeness. This will transform how you show up in the world, in areas such as relationships, career, confidence and wellbeing.

This event will be held in a beautiful venue, dedicated to wellness and creativity, just a 6 min walk from Angel tube station (Northern Line).

During this event, you will access your power in the following areas:

- Feelings- Learn to connect with your feelings, intuition and embodied knowing. Access tools to assist you to process and move through challenging emotions. Use your feelings to heal, guide and empower you

- Thoughts- Become aware of negative assumptions, limiting beliefs, stories and unhealthy patterns which are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Learn to move beyond these and create authentic, empowering ways of thinking and being which lead to inspiring actions and freedom to be who you really are

- Presence & Being- Experience the power of letting go, being in the present moment, surrendering and trusting the natural flow of life. Learn the value of stillness and the power of your presence. Step into a space of allowing and find the balance between giving and receiving

- Boundaries & Assertiveness- Learn how to assert healthy boundaries and express your feelings, needs and wants powerfully and compassionately. Develop skills in setting clear intentions and making powerful requests

- Creativity- Tap into your creativity, playful energy and imagination. Connect with and express your unique gifts and talents. Be inspired to birth your ideas, gifts and projects in the world

- Action & Leadership- Move beyond procrastination, excuses, stop playing small and hiding. Be inspired to take powerful actions aligned with what you really want and who you truly want to be. Express your leadership skills in a way that feels authentic to you and transform ideas into action

There will be an opportunity for you to share your personal experiences too and to connect with like-minded women who will support and inspire you.

You will leave this event feeling empowered, free and ready to take action!

Letizia Ghi is a Yoga teacher, songwriter, vocal and sound coach, designer and a forever student. She is deeply committed to transforming how people experience life: from a fixed thing that can’t be changed to a wonderful adventure that gets created when a declaration is made. She encourages people to go beyond what life 'should look like' and to tap into what their deepest intentions are.

"Manifesting Your Vision": Letizia's workshop will inspire you to shift away from assumptions about how life ‘should be’ into a space of freedom to create what you really want. Using tools such as writing and sound, you will connect with and express your vision and intentions. Letizia will share tips on how to manifest who you really are.


Phillippa Lennon is a Transformational Coach who has a special interest in relationships and empowering women to express their truth and gifts. Phillippa runs her own private coaching practice and she also facilitates workshops and talks around relationships and women’s empowerment issues. She is also a coach for an elite matchmaking company, "Grandeur & Love", where she coaches individuals on how to attract and sustain fulfilling relationships. As well as being a qualified transformational coach, Phillippa has extensive training in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy and 15 years of experience working with counselling and social care organisations, including mental health and family services. She has also worked with Ankur Kala, a women’s rights and empowerment organisation, in India.

"The Gift of Feelings": In this workshop, Phillippa will empower you with awareness and tools to move through challenging emotions and access the healing, wisdom and guidance available through connecting with our feelings. She will also inspire you to transform negative thoughts, stories and beliefs into an empowering mindset, new possibilities and inspired actions.


Vjera Orbanic is an entrepreneur and theatre practitioner who specialises in movement. She is the co-founder of IC Production, a company that combines coaching and art in order to empower people from a corporate background to be creative and resourceful. Very involved in women’s empowerment, she created SEEDS., a series of workshops for teenagers on gender equality and is currently producing a documentary on the same issue.

"Embodied Being": Vjera will be facilitating an immersive investigation of our bodies and the way we relate to them. We will explore the womb, sexuality, sensuality and embrace our bodies. How does it feel to walk around as us? We will empower each other in accepting, loving and nurturing ourselves.


Jenelle Melville is an inspiring speaker who is passionate about empowering herself and others to be present and whole. She is a finance professional with a degree in Finance and Investment who is logical, loves working with numbers, and thrives with structure & order. On the other hand, she is an adventurous spirit who loves traveling, communication, and is committed to "revealing lovely" in the world. She is passionate about authenticity, presence and allowing one’s whole self to show up in the world. Authenticity is the gateway she uses to show up whole in life and allow everyone the same right.

"Authentic Presence": From a woman hiding in her mind to a whole being who endeavours to create a life she loves, Jenelle will share her journey to authenticity.


Victoria von Stein is the founder, designer and maker behind VICTORIA VON STEIN jewellery. Her aim is to inspire you to feel confident in your authentic, feminine self-expression through handcrafted fine jewellery with a soul by combining original beautiful designs, colourful gemstones, quality craftsmanship. Her designs are influenced by the beauty of nature and her travels. Her latest "Cuba Collection" is inspired by empowering colours and dance. She aims to bring intrinsic value to mindful, sophisticated women. She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering women to shine their inside out beauty and was a speaker at events such as Driven Woman’s Festival of Doers and LoveX.

"Dancing Into Colours": During this workshop, Victoria will inspire you to dance into the colours of your soul! You will tune into yourself and let your body move with beautiful music inspired by the energy of colours. When you dance, you are in your heart, you release resistance, worries are washed away and you reconnect with your beautiful, radiant self! You are invited to explore and express your own fun, sensual and wild side by dancing freestyle in a respectful safe space. This session will inspire you to let go and feel grounded by embracing your powerful feminine energy boosting your joyful inner confidence. You will also receive a leaflet of colours detailing their meaning and empowering your self-worth.


This will be an intimate event with just 25 places available in total so that you can get the most from the experience. The first 5 people to register will get the super earlybird rate!

Come and be amazed by who you really are!


Letizia, Phillippa, Jenelle, Victoria and Vjera xxx


Event Schedule:

11.30- 11.45 Registration

11:45- 12:00: Welcome

12:00- 12:45: Workshop with Letizia: "Manifesting Your Vision"

12:45- 13:30: Workshop with Phillippa: "The Gift of Feelings"

13:30- 14.00 Break

14:00- 14:45 Workshop with Vjera: "Embodied Being"

14:45- 15:30: Workshop with Jenelle: "Authentic Presence"

15:30- 16:15: Workshop with Victoria: "Dancing Into Colours"

16:15- 17:00: Networking and socialising


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the event taking place?

The event is taking place at Holdspace. Holdspace is located in Angel, at the bottom of Chapel Market. It is just a short walk from Angel station (6 minutes). This is a welcoming event space, dedicated to wellness and creativity. The venue has lovely natural lighting, a small garden, kitchen, bathroom facilities and disabled access.

Link to the venue:

2. What are the transport options to this event?

Angel is the nearest underground tube station which can be reached via the Northern Line (Bank branch). From there, it is a 6- minute walk to the venue. Alternatively, the venue is a 14- minute walk from Kings Cross station. Google maps link:

3. What do I need to bring with me?

We would encourage you to bring a notebook and pen with you for taking notes/ reflection and a bottle of water so you stay hydrated.

4. What clothes should I wear?

Comfortable clothes which you feel free to move in.

5. Will drinks/ food be available?

A variety of teas and healthy snacks will be provided and these are included in the ticket price. The venue is also situated close to Upper Street where you'll find a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops.

6. Do I need to participate in all workshops and activities?

Our intention is to create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable to share and participate fully. However, we also respect your individual needs and preferences and therefore, if for any reason, you are unable or do not wish to participate in a particular activity, we will understand and respect your choices.

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