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The Inner Advisor

The Inner Advisor workshop comes to London! 14 March at 6:45pm-9pm at Holdspace in Angel.

All the answers are within us, but often we can’t hear them because our ego or other distractions get in the way.

This practice helps us develop our "in-tuition" by listening to the advsior within. Find inner clarity and connect with your inner wisdom: information stored in your subconscious mind. .

This technique uses meditation and visualization. We'll meet, in our minds eye, with people we consider to be great and ask then questions. The answers can be insightful, eye opening and even profound.

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An inner journey experience to connect with our intuition and hear the wisdom within.

This technique uses visualization and elements of meditation to find clarity and better listen to our “advisor within”. All the answers are inside us, but often we can’t hear them because the world and minds can be noisy places.

The practice stages an imaginary meeting with people that represent the best of the best in the life area(s) or topics we seek answers for. These characters serve as a vehicle for the voice of our intuition. It’s all about tapping into inner knowledge and using the latent power of our mind and bringing into awareness new perspectives that we may not have considered before. No previous experience is needed.

What to expect...

An introduction to the practice and it's principles.

An excercise to clarify our intention and focus

Breathing excercices and a visualization practice (typically with closed eyes*), in sitting mediation pose

What to bring...

Comfortable clothes as you would do for a meditation class.

I recommend bringing something to take notes to record the information you receive from the advisors.

Note on Time:

Please arrive promptly at 6:45 for a 7pm start. Doors close at 7:10pm. No late arrivals, sorry.

I recommend you to plan "me time" after the workshop to process the insights.

(*) A practice with closed eyes is ideal for best results.

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About the teacher

Rio Otoya [Maya Dhamma] has practiced yoga and meditation for over 10 years, certified as a yoga teacher and advanced practitioner in India. Rio is part of gPause, Google's mindfulness initiative and speaks at events and retreats. He also is a practitioner of Huna, a shamanic philosophy. Instagram: @rio.dhamma | website


Rio’s inner advisor workshop felt like putting glasses on to look at my life! I left with a clearer view into the questions I need to answer in my life right now, and how to think about doing that. I’d recommend a visit to the garden to anyone interested in self development and perspective : ) — Trish Kennelly — VP of Experience at Remote Year


Rio is someone who can take you on a spiritual journey without being super vague about it. He’s smart, kind and full of wisdom. During his sessions I learned how to better listen to my intuition. And, he truly is an awesome guy to hang out with — Mark van der Heijden — Founder at Wanderbrief


We visualized ourselves on a garden isle of our own design, and asked questions of imaginary advisors of our choice. What struck me was the difference between my own inner voice to myself — which at times can be negative, fearful, or doubtful — and the voices of my imaginary advisors which were positive, confident, and supportive. After all, it’s really just my own voice, but by framing it through the lens of others it allowed me to speak positively to myself, boosting my confidence and self esteem. It’s a helpful trick I learned today, and one I wanted to share. — Kellen Trachy- Marketing Director

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