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Slow down | Recharge | Shine Bright

--- UnEarth You & Wild Awakening present ---
Slow down | Recharge | Shine Bright

Join us for a series of evenings curated to encourage you to  
slow down | recharge | shine bright.
The tonic to modern day living.

Blending ancient tradition with modern practice and intuitive wisdom.
Guiding you to calm the mind, drop back into the body and let go of stress.

Our invitation is to journey with us.

We weave sound with breath, stillness with awareness, movement with inner intentions.
In scared journey to envision how you want to feel..
For yourself, your life, your womanhood. 

You will leave knowing you are a woman more in her power.
Grounded, refreshed, awakened.
Watch as this ripples out to your world.


In the company of women we rise awakened.

Take a moment to catch your breath, 
To sit in the quiet and connect back in.
Hand on heart, hand on womb.
Hello me. 

Let go of what has been, 
Just for now.
Permission granted 
To enter sacred space.

Leave the noise of life at the door
And drop into stillness 
To ease your busy mind
To relieve your tired body. 
This time gifted just for you
To honour all that you are. 

A night to connect back to Grace and what lies deep within. 
Let us awaken you to your feminine intelligence, 
Your inner knowing, 
Your inner teacher. 

Come willing, 
Come raw, 
Come as you are.
Woman of courage.
Inhale, exhale,
Just for tonight.

Less attached to outcome, 
Open to enjoy the journey.
Growing with life instead of going through life. 
Feeling the butterflies of excitement, so often masked as fear.
Knowing the choice to step back and relax at any time.
Is yours. 

We welcome you, the whole of you.

Ticket price - £25

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