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How to manifest your happily ever after: a journey of embracing your abundant self

You may have been looking for love in many different places but still feeling that true and lasting happiness keeps eluding you.  You either fall in love too quickly, or find yourself staying  in a relationship that doesn’t work for too long, or choose to avoid romantic relationships with men completely. Sometimes, you might be hearing a voice in your head which is telling you: “You are just not good enough to have a happy fulfilling relationship… ”

Is there a part of you that wishes that…

  • Instead of endlessly searching for love and belonging, you could feel whole and at peace while letting love find you…

  • You could allow yourself to be the centre of your own Universe and, at the same time, be the centre of your partner’s Universe, too…

  • Receiving love for yourself was as easy as breathing…

  • You felt deep in your soul that living ‘Happily Ever After’ is your birth right and a true possibility…

  • You could let go of striving and self-judgement, and just knew that you are enough…

If your answer is “YES!” this one day long immersive workshop for women is for you. Why? Because you are not meant to figure it out all alone.

In an intimate circle of a maximum 10 participants we are going to embark on a magical journey into the centre of our Heart’s Universe and re-discover our power to manifest Happily Ever After and the life we most desire. All day long we are going to be exploring, sharing, creating, listening, reflecting, playing and learning. We will be allowing ourselves to show up and connect with each other authentically and without judgement.  We will be supporting one another and allowing ourselves to be supported.

After the workshop, you can expect the following results:

  • having an insight into what has been holding you back in your search for love and how to let it go

  • feeling that you are enough

  • feeling more able to receive love

  • having a better sense of what is good for you

  • feeling more in tune with what love means to you

  • having a vision and a strategy for manifesting your Happily Ever After.

Date:   31 March 2019

Time:   9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Location:   HOLDSPACE, Wynford Hall, Risinghill Street, London, N1 9SY (a 7-min. walk from Angel tube station, Northern Line, or a 15-min. walk from King’s Cross).

Full price: £110 – if booked after 31 January 2019

‘Early bird’ price: £80 – if booked by 31 January 2019

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