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Heart Circle // Sacred Self-Love

Join Felicia Rudolfo of Shimmering Light Therapies and Justine Nolan of East London Reiki for the first moon circles of 2019, focusing on the Three Diamonds or Tanden points within the Japanese energy system. As we build light energy in these centres we raise our vibration and accelerate our spiritual growth.

Our moon circles are multidimensional healing events designed to help you deepen your connection to your Higher Self, Source and Mother Earth. Held across the phase of a new moon or a full moon, we guide you on a journey inwards through sacred spiritual practices, sonic meditations, crystal healing, essential oils and energy healing. You will be gifted with a spiritually guided blend of oils and crystal to continue your work beyond the circle.

Our intention is to enable you to explore yourself with kindness in a safe and non-judgemental space. Through this self-discovery you may release emotions, limiting thought beliefs or situations in your life that are holding you back. Our aim is to bring you home to your inner peace and joy - to help you embrace yourself with love.

Together these three circles form a complete offering - working on the body, mind and soul - however, you are welcome to join us for just one or two :)

Hara Circle // Rite of the Womb - Friday 8 March - 7pm - 9pm
Heart Circle // Sacred Self-Love - Friday 5 April - 7pm - 9pm
Third Eye Circle // Violet Flame - Sunday 2 June - 7pm - 9pmJ

Investment: £38

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