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Mugwort Full Moon Sound Journey

Sound and Mugwort will work together to enhance deep relaxation and connection to dreamlike states on this loving Libra Pink full moon.

The first of the monthly Sound & Plant Ceremonies at Holdspace will feature Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, Witch Queen of the Herbs. She has long been associated with the Moon so is the perfect full moon companion. A cup of relaxing Mugwort tea before bed reduces tension and can aid lucid or vivid dreams as she connects us to the imaginal realm, to our subconscious and the dreaming realms. She helps reveal our gifts to us unlocks creativity and aids with protection and grounding. She allows us to face our shadow selves and learn from our experiences. Mugwort calls us into alignment on all levels of being, bringing the unseen up from the shadows into the light so to be released so we can move forward. Mugwort creates movement so that anything stagnant that we are holding onto can be cleared leaving us revitalised with a fresh sense of purpose.

Together we will drink a relaxing blend of hand picked Mugwort tea with Chamomile flowers. You will then be lead on a short meditation before you set off on a deeply relaxing sound journey with the gong and other instruments as your guide. There is nothing for you to do but surrender, relax and receive. Please bring a blanket for extra cosiness.
Please arrive early for a prompt start
, once we begin I cannot open the door to let you in.

- Mugwort is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women or those trying to conceive.

Gong is not recommended for the following...
- Women in the first trimester of pregnancy
- Children under the age of thirteen. 
- Those experiencing extreme mental health conditions.

It is my intention to guide you through sound and gentle plant medicine as a tool for self healing and I encourage you to seek professional advice should any content unearth past traumas. With gratitude and respect.
There is a strict 48 hr cancellation policy for this event.

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