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With Stephanie Victoire and Cindy Beckford

Join us for an interactive afternoon learning and practising protection and boundary techniques for daily spiritual health. We will be discussing basic spiritual hygiene and working our way towards more advanced techniques, using visualisation and physical practice. We will also be teaching you how to 'emergency clear and protect' lower energies in rooms, spaces and other environments as well as covering care for empaths and sensitives.

By the end of the workshop you will feel equipped with a variety of techniques to protect your personal energy, those of others and difficult environments, and will have a daily practice ritual to use that leaves you feeling clear, grounded and completely protected, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Price: £27


Channel, Intuitive & Energy healer

Stephanie Victoire was born in London to a French-Creole Mauritian family.

She is a channel, intuitive and energy healer at her business, Petal + Moss, Spirit + Bone. With twenty years of esoteric study and a pursuit of spiritual wisdom, she is trained in Shamanic Energy Healing, Intuitive Plant Medicine, Angelic Reiki, Past Life Healing, Sonic Sound Healing and Vortex Healing® and offers womb healing, ascension activation, spiritual guidance and cosmic channeling.

She is an author of short stories published in various anthologies and her folktale collection, The Other World, It Whispers. She also writes shorts for BBC Radio 4 and articles on her spiritual experiences, published at The Numinous, Oh Comely Magazine and The Cherry Revolution. Her passion is ancestral, native and indigenous spirituality and cultural healing traditions, and is currently writing a book called, Wise Woman Free: Becoming the Medicine.