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& Breathe - Breathing Beyond Pranayama with Dan Peppiatt

This workshop takes us on a journey of understanding ourselves through not only the breath, but the breath in connection to the body and the mind. We will consider whether traditional yoga pranayama is really the most effective and useful set of tools for most peoples poor breathing habits and if not, then what should we be working with?

Explore the full potential of your breath and why it is the most powerful tool the ancient yogis chose to work with. Combining the best training and breath correction techniques from free-diving training, Wim Hof method as well as breath work tools from Russian Systema to Taoism, join Dan to investigate the outer limits of where your breath and the absence of it can take you.

Topics will include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of how and why we breathe
  • Examining the most common poor breathing habits in ourselves and the general population
  • Correcting breathing patterns and breathing more efficiently and easily
  • Breathing games, tools and drills from various disciplines
  • Breathwork for anxiety and stress

Open to practitioners and teachers; discover how to improve your own breathing and
that of your students in totally new and unfamiliar ways.


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