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Scientia : A Different Halloween

Connect & Create this Halloween, with an alternative event for those who want to celebrate with a twist :)

What exactly is Halloween? Everyone loves to get dressed up and carve a pumpkin or two on Halloween, but have you ever stopped to think what Halloween is actually all about? There is actually a deeper and spiritual significance to this mystical time of year.
This time of year is the time when the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest. If you are interested in building up your connection with your higher self or spirit guides, or even simply you’re own intuition, it is a really good time to work on these things.

What will the evening be about? Firstly - I want to make this evening really fun and playful, so I am inviting everyone to come along in some sort of fun attire. It may simply be a bit of face glitter, or a dress that makes you feel magical. Something that expresses and connects you to your inner sparkle!

The current energies are all about letting go, to embrace big shifts happening in our lives, whilst the lime light is focusing on our self-worth. Working with so many amazing souls, I see patterns and themes running through the collective week by week, month by month. I see it as part of my mission to create events to help individuals on the journey through these times, by bringing together a unity consciousness with good energy...

Connecting with higher consciousness is part of my daily practise, and part of my mission is to help others to do this too! Hereby, I will be guiding a group into a loving union with your guide and/or higher self, to initiate or deepen a connection that can be such a vital self-navigational tool.

There will be chilled out music, card pulling, lots of crystals (which you will be able to purchase if you wish) and to finish the evening we will all be making crystal talisman to take home with us, to remind us of our guides.

When, where etc? The evening will take place from 7-9pm on the Sunday 28th October at HOLDSPACE.
Tickets are just  £25 each.
There is limited space, so please book sooner than later to reserve your space.