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3 day Shaktipāt initiation and meditation intensive with Jan Esmann

February 22-23-24, 2019 (Updated)

Holdspace, Wynford Hall, Risinghill Street, N1 9SY (


FRIDAY - Beginning at  17:00, End at 21:00

SATURDAY - Beginning at 11:00, Lunch break  14:00 – 16:00, End at 20:00

SUNDAY - Beginning at 11:00, Lunch break  14:00 – 16:00, End at 20:00


 Jan Esmann is an enlightened teacher who is one of few persons in Western world giving a very sacred and very very rare Shaktipāt initiation.

So this intensive is a rare opportunity to find out at the first hand what the real enlightenment is, what is like to live in bliss every day and receive one of rarest initiation, which is direct path to enlightenment.

People from all around the world have been coming to Jan’s intensives and retreats: New Zealand, USA, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, Austria, UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Thailand, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Serbia, France.

Registration and information about international intensive under:
00 370 611 91824 Lina
00 370 624 97625 Dainius

Shaktipāt means a transference of Shakti (the spiritual energy of the Self) from the master to the student (you) with the aim of awakening the otherwise dormant Kundalinī in you, so that the Kundalinī Shakti (divine energy) begins to work for your enlightenment. Shaktipāt initiation grants you the grace of a semi-automatic sādhana (spiritual practice and path) known as Shaktipāt Yoga, Siddha Yoga (Perfect Yoga) or Kundalinī Maha Yoga (the Greatest Yoga). Rather than you reaching out to the Self, the Self now reaches out to you. This is grace and is the hallmark of Shaktipāt Siddha Yoga. It has to be given to you by an enlightened Siddha. You cannot learn it by study or get it through your own effort. Once you have received Shaktipāt and your Kundalinī (inner Shakti) has become active, you are a Siddha Yogi – a follower of the Siddha path.

Self-realization is the ultimate and the most desirable state to be attained, and the awakened Kundalini leads to this state. Awakening the Kundalini has a general purifying effect on the body and mind. For example, the health often improves, the one often feels light and energetic, the mind becomes restful. Diseases of the body and mind are caused by irregularities in the functioning of the prana, which can be gradually eliminated once the Kundalini is awakened.
At more advanced levels of the Kundalini’s progress the one can achieve peace and mental control, can become more creative, can develop a profound understanding of nature and experience inner joy. The aspirant becomes a stronger individual, a more complete person who can function in adverse circumstances with great poise, and is able to consciously absorb prana from the universe and direct it for physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, the student encounters total reality, the absolute truth, knowledge of the Self.

Shaktipāt will connect you with divine grace. Meditation is the way to get that grace flowing. Shaktipāt without meditation is not enough, neither is meditation without shaktipāt. It is like gasoline (Shakti) and a car (meditation). The car needs gasoline to work, and gasoline without a car won’t take you anywhere. Similarly, meditation without Shakti is dry and slow and like fumbling in the dark in fruitless attempts to reach the Self. And if you have received Shaktipāt and don’t invite the awakened energy (Kundalinī Shakti) to work in you, which is what you do when meditating, you won’t get far.

Jan Esmann is an enlightened Shaktipāt master living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he teaches, transmits and gives Shaktipāt. The highest teachings are transmitted in silence during meditation or afterwards. Jan is not part of any tradition or represents a lineage.
He has a MA in History of Modern Culture and a B.Sc in Art-restoration. He earns his living as an artist, a writer and a software developer.

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