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Fluidity, Rhythm & Delisciousness

A workshop that really is more like a scrumptious extended practice where you'll have time and permission to play, explore and be creative with movements, transitions and poses.

While stringing together movements that are yoga and mobility inspired, I will guide into a journey deep into your bones. I will teach you how to move from your bones strongly and softly. It is common to create rigidity and gripping when wanting to build a stronger and mobile body but that isn't necessary. When we learn to soften, to work with the body, instead of against it, we have the ability to create strength and suppleness at the same time.

I love teaching this workshop because you will have plenty of time to play and be curious about yoga poses and beyond them.

More than giving you a set of instructions and how you should feel while moving or holding a pose, I will ask you to look in and find answers on your own. I will give you permission to create and own your own experience. Because this is invaluable and you are entitled to your experience.

How do you earth your hands when you are in all 4s?
How does earthing create expansion? In which directions do you feel the expansion?
What happens when you push into the ground? When you pull?
How do you experience the space around you? How do you move your bones in the space around you? How is gravity playing with your bones?
How can we ground and be light?

This is a practice that has no level.
Whatever stage you’re at with you movement, please know that you are very welcome to join. 

There will be music playing with your eardrums.
There will be sounds that your vocal chords will create when we open the practice with chanting a mantra.
Your nostrils, throat and spine will light up at the touch of your own breath.

If you would like to experience a practice out of the box, out of the labels, fun, challenging and liberating, a practice that gives you the tools to bring you closer to your deeper self and far from a set sequence, this is the workshop for you. 

And I can't wait to meet you."

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